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Feed The Beast


"My grand-father, who was a playwright and a stage director, once told my aunt -who is also a stage director- who told me; in art, there's success and accomplishment. You achieve accomplishment the moment you realize a project that's been in your head for a certain amount of time. Whereas you have no control over success. Something you didn't believe would attract attention could blow up at any moment because of any contributing factors ... so not to worry so much about it.
Sound advice.

Feed the Beast; the title track, the first song of the EP and one of my fav videos from the show."

- Feed the Beast

This was a project I had so much fun with, I was hired as the assistant lighting designer, projection designer and TD.

The album launch was a live event that took place at Ausgang Plaza in Montreal. We had multiple stages including a scaffold and table in the middle of the venue. We rigged up a mic on a pulley system

Listen to the album here:

Quoi quoi disent les algorithmes?


The Algorythme Collectif is a Montréal based theatre company that interests its self with human relationships and/within technology.

Their first venture is a show called "Quoi quoi disent les algorithmes," it explores meaning within randomly generated texts.

I was hired primarily as a videographer and photographer for their project proposal, and was later asked to help with their logo.


I filmed and photographed their process as well as interviews with the team during their week-long residency at the Maison de la culture Notre-Dame-de-Grâce.


In the following days I put together the proposal video that you can watch over here -->

The proposal and interviews are all in French.

If you are having trouble with the viewer, you can follow the link here:



From one evocative creature to another a strange, yet strangely familiar, universe silently unfolds. Through a series of astonishing metamorphoses, extraordinary images draw a vast moving fresco in perpetual transformation. Before our eyes the giant knits become a matrix of infinite possibilities.

I was hired as a video and lighting consultant as well as Technical director for their residency at the Segal Center, and was later asked to photograph the performance at the end of the residency.

I experimented with projecting fabric simulations inspired by the knitted creations suspended above the stage and paper beasts, a video game by Pixel Reef.

You can find photos of the residency here.

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