Programs: Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop

G R O U N D    T O    S K Y

Ground To Sky is an indigenous beading company located in Toronto, ON.

They wanted a logo that incorporated the sky and the earth. After some back and forth we settled on mountains and having two colour options as well as two shapes.

The logo will be used in social media and online.

© Ground to Sky - 2021

A L G O R Y T H M E    C O L L E C T I F

The Algorythme Collectif is a Montréal based theatre company that interests its self with human relationships and/within technology.

Their first venture is a show called "Quoi quoi disent les algorithmes," it explores meaning within randomly generated texts.

I was hired primarily as a videographer and photographer for their project proposal, and was later asked to help with their logo.

You can find the project proposal here:

© Algorythme Collectif - 2021

Currently, there are other logos under development, they will be posted when approved.